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I\'m still me and you\'re still you.

You\'ll notice that the written by identification has changed. I\'ve started a new blog project for a class I\'m currently in and as I\'ve yet to figure out how to have one written by on one blog and a different written by on another we will have to go through the renaming crises. Please bear with me as I travel the world through definition to become undefined.

Noblegarden: Bunnylicious

April 7, 2010

If you haven’t been able to notice, I’ve been on a non-combat pet kick lately.  Because of this new obsession I’ve been doing all the World Events that have a non-combat pet associated with it. 

I spent a good two hours clicking away on colored eggs to get the 100 chocolates necessary for the non-combat pet Spring Bunny.  After the said 100 chocolates and my elated purchase of my bunny, who reproduces with any other rabbit that comes along the little slut, I go back to clicking colored eggs.  It was late and I had no real desire to start quests or anything. 

Egg 133 comes around and guess what I get as random loot?  A FRICKEN SPRING BUNNY!$#!%!@!#$&#@$!  Are you kidding me?!  No a radom loot bunny drops about 5 mins after I bought one.  😦   I unhappily discover, although I sort of knew unconsciously, that I could not mail the sucker to another toon on my account. 

Word to the wise….collect enought to finish everything that you want to do, i.e. achievements, and stop once you have enough for the pet.  If you’re anything like me the elation I felt after committing to saving up for it was doused by my chagrin that if I had held out a little longer I could have gotten one as random loot and eaten the chocolates for a different achievement.   🙂

P.S. – I swear everytime I turn around my bunny is making goo goo eyes at some dude and poppin out babies left and right.


Armory Linking? No way, Jose!

March 15, 2010

This week’s Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth is about adding blog links to the Armory suggested by Anea.


The question is “If you were given the option, would you post a link to your blog on your main’s armory profile?  Why/why not?”

My answer to this is yes and no, and a little maybe thrown in.  I like the anonymity of the virtual world.  You go online and raid with strangers and guildies alike.  You create mental images of them in your mind using bits of their performance, conversations, etc.  You have an imagining of what and who they are and when you come face to face with that you have your delusion dashed and are left with either a good or bad taste in your mouth.  I like reading other peoples blogs, hearing their frustrations, victories, and general opinions.  But putting my blog link on my armory page would feel similar to creating a toon on the realm of your favorite blogger and then ‘accidentally’ running into them.  That conversation would be full of um’s and oh’s.  I would again feel naked and try to make my hasty retreat without losing a reader because those blog hits are like drug, they are so addicting.

Just thinking about putting my link out there gives me the cold shakes.  I’m having horrormares happening right now.

Also, I don’t have a main toon.  That is because, like Windsoar and Zan and many others, I have many other characters that I play regularly and love/hate to varying degrees that change with the wind.  Also, all my toons are unfinished.  I’m an artist, at least I like to think so, and it would be akin to having a critic come look at the half-finished drawing or sculpture.

Now, if you’ve looked at my alt section on my blog you know that I have no qualms about telling you who they are once you get here, but there is a complete audience difference in having random blog readers come my way via BA or from someone’s blogroll then waving the orange landing flags to direct them my way from the Armory.

I also like to vent on my blog, usually general frustrations, and I don’t normally point out to idiots using their names but I might.  It could happen.  I like to know that even though I’m not talking to anyone in particular, besides myself, that maybe someone saw and commiserated on one post or another.  I don’t want my in-game characters and play time to be judged by my out game venting and opinions.  I don’t let my thoughts and ideas interfere in the joy of playing.  So regardless of how you or I feel about the fairness of this nerf or of that buff I am here to play and have fun and I really don’t want to talk or be judged about it while in-game.


March 4, 2010

So, over the weekend – or was it someday this week?…ah, whenever, I logged on and got the update screen.  After the uneventful update was finished I see in a big bilboard that the Blizzard Pet Store has two news pets.  I’m a sucker for pets.  If my husband weren’t allergic to cats I would be the crazy cat lady.  And if the breeder from whom we got our puppy had more avail I would scoop everyone one of them up without a second thought.  That said I jumped on the chance to buy the non-combat pets Panderan Monk and Lil’ K.T. (now renamed to something I can’t spell) when they came out.  And a bonus  with one of the pets was the opportunity for some good karma with a donation to Make-A-Wish.

As soon as I saw these two new plushies I wanted them.  Not sure if I want them for 25.00 each but I think I’m going to get them anyway.  I do hope that Blizzard will not be going the way of micro-transactions but I do like the non-combat pets.  And with the addon Guppet I never have to worry about summoning one as I can turn on auto-call and prove to my hubby that I did not just waste money on something that I won’t even remember I have.  😛

Shared Topic: Positive Random Dungeon Story

March 4, 2010

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic for 3/1/2010, suggestd by Zan of Altoholic Anonymous

Since the Random Dungeon Finder came out I had actually not tried it once.  I finally broke through my uncertainties and tried it when I saw the Shared Topic.  I can say that all the good and bad things about the Finder were shown to be mostly true.

It was hard as hell to get into a group when I was DPS.  Then when I finally got into the group the healer dropped and they asked me if I could heal.  Lol, so I spent the rest of my night in my healing off spec.  Bonus: Since I was already in my gear and had my weapons and stuff changed out I decided to go the RDF route of healer and wow how fast it was to get a group.  I spent three hours and did 4-1/2 dungeons. 

I say ½ because my very last run of the night was with a bunch of selfish assholes and I left mid-dungeon.  One would pull right after we ended combat.  Here I am trying to regen mana through drinking or whatever and they are already pulling the next mob.  At that point I’m locked out of drinking and…have NO MANA.  Really?!  I swear I played about 3/4 of the time with them under 25% mana and still had no wipes.  I worked my butt off.  After many shouts and requests I finally told them if they keep going the way they were they wouldn’t have a healer to keep them alive.  The last straw was when one such incident occurred and we all wiped.  I have absolutely no sense of in-game direction, and IMO the map is not very helpful to someone like me who has trouble seeing 3-D images represented in 2-D on paper.  So I asked for someone to stay back at the entrance so I could follow.  The answering comment was “follow your map.”  This by itself wouldn’t be bad except that I mentioned the poor direction and asked again for someone to wait.  I mean c’mon…we ALL wiped…you are dead too and also have to enter the instance to enter your body so why would it be so hard to wait for me.  I was again told to look at my map and then someone commented, “Use the map, or are you blind,” followed by lots of LOL’s.  Well, FU and I rezzed back at the graveyard.  I’m really happy none of them were from my realm.  And I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t think of anything witty and scathing to say.  Bummer.

However, My VERY FIRST RDF was awesome.  The group was great, the instance was fast, and loot was fair.  They waited and we moved along quickly and efficiently.  There was not a whole lot of talking, but it really wasn’t needed.  We all pretty much knew our roles and even though I hadn’t done that particular dungeon before I was given a brief overview and some pointers.  There was NO WIPES.  That was very exciting considering I was playing my off-spec healing that I don’t really get the opportunity to work on, by choice not circumstance.  I can say that because of the fast queue times for healer I have been doing at least one RDF sometimes two a night.  And I get to practice healing on my paladin.  All in all, bravo Blizzard.

Cataclysm and You…

February 26, 2010

This is a shared topic on Blog Azeroth proposed by Rilandune of  Heroically Random!


So the question for the Feb 22nd shared topic over at BA has got me thinking.  “How will Cataclysm change your game?” is the question that is circulating and I find myself feeling excited by all the changes to come and upset that I won’t be able to see much more of the WoW world before these big changes take effect.  I have been playing WoW on and off for about a year and a half now.  I haven’t done any BC dungeons and am only halfway through the WotLK content.

I’m really excited to see the two new races come out, but in all honestly I don’t need any more alts.  <- Mostly because I’m maxed out on two realms now.  And I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not sure if I want to play goblin because they are new or because I want to try the race.

I look on the coming Cataclysm with some sadness because all of you other true WoW players have been 80 probably since after the first month WotLK came out.  You are ready for new content, a change in scenery, while I will be sad to be left behind not to enjoy that first rush to 85 (?) and will be behind on LK content as well as BC and Cat.

Well, enough with the maudlin thoughts, I will be really excited to see the two new professions.  My husband hates watching me play games because I’m a clepto and loot lord in-game and I love my inventory.  I can sit at my computer for hours rearranging bags, selling things at the AH, and working on my professions.  I loot anything and everything that crosses my path.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have a strong sense of fairness; I don’t gank loot and I make sure everyone gets what they deserve, but when I solo I loot EVERYTHING.  I have selected to have the option to loot everything on and I pick up stuff others don’t want.  When starting a new toon the first thing I save up to buy or have my tailor make is bags.  I spend an extravagant amount of time in Inventory Management, and the pencil pusher in me can’t wait to see what these new professions are all about.

All in all I am happy to see a new expansion for WoW.  It keeps the game fresh and gamers interested.  I hate seeing a game that was fun to play die or be finished so quickly.  (The new AVP is a good example of this.  The gameplay was fun but it was way too short for $70.  Definitely not worth it.  Wait for the GotY edition and spend $25.)

What does Cataclysm hold for you?


January 17, 2010
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I think this is why I play the lonely solo game of WoW.  I’ve tried my fair share of guilds…and this is what I’ve found.

Friendly? Not.

Now, to be fair, I was in one guild that was great.  But since I don’t have an 80 I couldn’t really participate in anything the group did.  But I did like to listen on vent.  Why did leave?  Because of that reason, I couldn’t really do anything with them.  During my ongoing search for the right group I came across this guild.  My thought when reading this comment was, “What’s wrong with a person trying to level PvP?  And why would you harass them?  A level 58 against a level 2…of course you ‘killed’ him you idiot, you probably took one shot before he know what hit him.”  The answer would be..because you’re an ass.  Granted it’s a little odd that you would try and level PvP on a normal server, and there are PvP quests out there (not at that level though), but really, do you feel the need gank that poor little level 2.  And how do you know that its a noob.  You don’t.  I level and play all kinds of alts but I’m not a noob.  I think the majority of the characters I have are 12 and under.  I didn’t post the picture but after that comment I whispered the GM, who invited me after a dungeon run, apologized, and then left.

Static 3.0

January 17, 2010
Login Screen

Where do I login?

When this is your login what do you do?  I’m not sure what happened or what is causing this but here it is.  Now, the good thing is that it only lasts a few seconds…I’m talking maybe 5 sec. overall.  I’ve removed and reloaded the game, uninstalled addons and re-downloaded them then tried starting the game up after each one.  No dice.  So until I figure out what is going on I’m going to chronicle these nice snow white pictures.  Enjoy.


Static 2

Static 3

Static 3

Well, I have figured out that if I play in windowed mode I do not get the static.  Guess that is what I will do until I’m feeling a little less lazy and try and figure it out.  That will probably come after the custom header and more posting.