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I have been thinking about blogging too.

November 5, 2009

This is a post on BlogAzeroth that I put up in the search for a name.  I thought, “what the hey,” I’ll post it here as a sort of mission statement…without the accompanying mission.   

So, I have been thinking about starting a blog too.  It’s a similar thing many of us on this section of the forums are debating and I too am having trouble thinking of a witty name or blog identity to use.

I’d like to blog about lots of stuff. I know it will be difficult to find a niche but I think that I might be able to pull it off, and you really don’t know till you try and all that stuff.

So here is a general idea of what I’ll be blogging about.
Griping – I love to get things out there.  To point out things that could be improved upon, relationship wise.  So one thing I want my blog to be about is sort of an etiquette site where you can come to shoot me comments on what you think everyone should know about in-game manners or annoyances.  I started writing posts a couple of months ago with no intention of posting them anywhere. Just really to get things off my chest but without having to think about the personal disappointment if I don’t do anything interesting IRL to keep a journal.
Atling – I’m a confessed Altoholic on the road to mending fences between people who suffer the multiple personality disorder that is Atling with the sane normal people out there who gives us crazy eyes.

Playing – I like to share my experiences with others because I love to laugh, especially at myself, and it’s so much more fun to complain or congratulate when you are pretending that people are reading.

Helping – I’m a closet people pleaser and I like for the noobs to have help and people to improve on their leadership. Half of my ability to play decently well is not that I’m an expert and was ingame-born that way, but I learned through research, help from others, and pure trial and error and I’d like to share that knowledge with anyone who asks for it. I do know many classes and am getting better everyday but what fun is it if I’m a stingy hoarder and have no one to point and laugh at (in a good natured sort of way…usually).

And I’m sure you want to know what toons I’m best at…ok…Paladin (DPS/Heal dual spec), Priest (DPS/Heal dual spec), and Hunter (BM).

So help me please. A few names I was thinking on…tell me if you like them or what you got or which ones you prefer:

The Gripe Space

The Angry Healer

The Angry Alt

P.S. I plan also on asking what others want to think about or read about or discuss and going from there, some of my material comes from trolling the forums and seeing what strikes me, I like grabbing material from the Shared Topics section, and I love to be sarcastic and funny and just blab about what is happening in the real world of make believe.

P.S.S.  I wanna throw a thanks to those of you who who responded to the name exchange.  Especially to Cybac who liked my final choice and gave me the little boost I needed to actually start this blog.  Thanks again.

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