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The Art of Alting

November 9, 2009

So as I’ve previously mentioned a few times, I’m an altoholic.  Some people might wonder what this means, what are the pros and cons of such a disease, and what it means to me.  So I’m going to lay it out how I see it, and this just relates to me.  Let me reiterate: Everybody alts for different reasons but the ones I list below relate solely to me.  Post comments to let me know what you think either about being an altoholic or why you are a one personality type of person.

  • Being an Altoholic is an addictive disease that is caused by a few things. A) I have an attention span as long as my index finger, B) I’m a jack of all trades who knows a little about a lot, and C) having an alt is getting to be someone different everyday, or hour, or however long as often as you want.  Today I can be a killing machine and later tonight I can play Supreme Being by healing and bringing people back to life.  Only with an Alt and also Dual spec can you get this type of multiple personality candy.
  • I’ll lay it out for you; I have the max number of characters on my main realm.  I have one realm for Horde (my main realm) and one realm for Alliance, I use one for RP, and one for PVP.  I get bored kinda easily so when I’m done leveling my whatever-it-is I will jump something else to get my blood pumping again.  Once the game starts to get boring, or repetitive, or slow going then it stops being fun.
  • So you’ve read the beginning bacon I threw your way and still thinking, holy jeezeses, how many toons (characters) does this chick have.  Well, let me go ahead and spread my dark little secret before you so you can count the bottles.  I have: 65 Paladin, 60 Druid, 58 Death Knight, 51 Priest, 46 Hunter, 22 Mage, 14 Warlock, 11 Rogue, 6 Shaman, and a 6 Shaman (this is a bank alt so I don’t really think she should count but here she is anyway, I don’t want to be accused of hiding anything.)  And that’s just on my main horde realm.  *Ludicrous*

So this part of the post is written a few minutes later because I just proof read the top half and laughed at my silly self for about 10 minutes, the people at work all turned to stare and that’s when I figured out they were jealous, that I didn’t grow a third eye, and started to laugh again.  Anywho…back to the problems at hand.  Let’s move onto the Pros and Cons of such a debilitating life style.


Different Classes means a better understanding of abilities and spells.  This can be super beneficial to Raid or Group leaders.

Different Races means that you start in different areas and experience different leveling zones giving you a wider knowledge base.

Having that many different types of personality means you won’t get as bored as easily.  It happens, but I bet less often.


People see or have heard that you have alts and automatically assume that you don’t know your roles.

Having so many roles and being good at them makes you a selfless people pleasing moron whom people will walk all over.

Because my attention span is limited I miss out on doing really cool level 80 stuff like big raids but then again I’m a chameleon and can fit in anywhere.

So, if you’re wondering will I ever get a level 80 toon, the answer is yes, most definitely, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t take the scenic route, change rentals, and make lots of pit-stops along the way.  For those of you like me, Happy Alting; for those of you not like me, please don’t hate me, remember that I am acknowledging my debilitation and that is the first step on the road to recovery.

To learn more about the Pros and Cons of Alting and what others think about it hit Blog Azeroth.

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  1. November 10, 2009 3:15 pm

    I have discovered that some altoholism can be a good thing. From my experience leading raiding guilds, I’ve found that players who have multiple level 80s who play different roles lead to more well rounded and respectful raiders.

    I’ve found that players who have been a healer and received “OMG HEAL ME” yells are less likely to become like that themselves. I’ve found that players who have been a tank are going to be more respectful of tanks, they’ve had to chase after mobs when people aren’t attacking the right one and don’t want to be that guy.

    I’ve also found that people who have many perspectives covered are more aware of the entire picture. Having played everything but a warlock and a DK in a raid environment helps me understand how to better explain to everyone what they need to do. It also helps me diagnose problems other players are having in order to help them be the best they could be. I’m an altoholic I’m a better raid leader for it.

    • Rajjs permalink
      November 10, 2009 3:58 pm

      I’m glad you think so. I completely agree with you. Starting out with purely DPS myself it was hard to grasp why heals weren’t so forth coming, granted I had enough manners not to say anything at first. But once I started playing around with other types of characters it is easy to understand what each role plays and how they effect each other.

      • November 10, 2009 4:07 pm

        Yelling for heals is a surefire way to not get heals from me, as is standing in stupid or pulling agro.

        Someone yelling at me to tank something when they attacked the wrong target and got agro is a surefire way to not get something taunted.

        Many a bad DPS has died under my watch.

  2. Rajjs permalink
    November 10, 2009 4:57 pm

    LOL…I felt the same way the times I tried to have the patience to tank on my paladin…the hunter would shoot a mob or the rogue would go all crazy. I really don’t know what they thought I was there for sometimes.

  3. November 12, 2009 10:11 am

    You know, its your game and you can enjoy whatever aspects of it you want. Just because the more vocal WoW players focus on end game doesn’t mean its the only way to play. I know some people play almost exclusively for the AH, others build elaborate and fascinating RP characters and some make the most out of the path to 80. As long as you’re having a good time (and aren’t getting in the way of someone else’s fun), you’re doing it right.

    On a side note, I can’t imagine not having alts! Pretty much every WoW player I’ve met has a few. Those who don’t are the ones who want to focus on end game but have very limited gaming time. You still have to put somewhat of an effort into your to get to know them, though. I have an 80 mage in addition to my paladin and I’m probably the worst mage in the history of bad mages. It makes for some good laughs so I don’t mind.

    • November 12, 2009 3:55 pm

      I want to get to the end game but right now it is lots of fun doing other things. I like learning what other classes can do. I like learning professions. I’m with you, I can’t nor want to imagine a life without an alt. I would get bored. I love my paladin, but it is taking a bit to get to the next level, which I know is my fault, but my mind wanders and my heart isn’t in it. The last thing I want is to be so tired of the game that I don’t want to play anymore. It is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. The way for me to make it so is to have alts. 🙂

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