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No Patch, No…Problem?

November 10, 2009

After making food Monday night I decided to sit down and play.  I logged in to my account, just as everyone else did, and got the update screen.  I was all too excited after being at work all day thinking about what insanity will happen tonight, only to find that maybe the next patch came out.  Awesome?…I dunno, I didn’t really read anything about it but I could have read the notes after the download; I didn’t even know the patch was coming out or I would have read up.  I’m waiting and my download reaches 78% and I can already feel the rest of the patch flowing down my lines like a breeze on my face.  I look at the screen and what happens?  I get a slap instead of a breeze.  WTF?  Restart?!  What?!  Here I am thinking I f*ed my computer up somehow so I try again…and again.  After the third or fourth time I decided I’d check the realm status then the forums.  Realms were all up, and when I first checked the forums there were no posts.  HMMMM….

After about 10 mins and a refresh I finally got some answer…what happend?  Everyone was having issues; Blizzards response, “Try Again…”  You’ve got to be kidding me.  I go scan every forum I can find and finally found someone who suggested to delete the DNS cache.  For all the non-techy people out there like me I have no idea what it is either, but I follow directions well enough.   Apparently there was no patch just an update to the updater.  🙂  Funny

After deleting said cache and trying again, I find that I STILL cannot download the non-patch.  I tried two more times, once getting to a holy 96% followed by failure.  I was finally able to download the update and log in.  Once I got in there I didn’t really want to play because I was too busy watching a TV show me and the hub DVR-ed over the weekend.

So to Blizzard I just wanna say Thank You:

Thank you for not posting a note on the login in screen notifying us there were download issues.

Thank you for suggesting “try again” on the forums.

and a special Thank You for reminding me why I don’t play WoW on monday…I gotta catch up on SGU.

You know, I don’t fault Blizzard for there being an issue with the download…I find fault with there not being any information or support for the issue.

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