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Et tu, Guild Master?

November 14, 2009
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This post is in response to a comment Cybac left on the post about relationships in azeroth.  I started out with a completely different idea in my head as to how I wanted to address this but I veered off course.  So this is nothing how I imagined it and I don’t believe it answers the question he originally posited but what the hey…here it is.

Can your guild leaders and officers kill your guild?

 Have you ever wondered what in the world was going on in your guild?  Wonder why people you counted as friends and guildies are suddenly dropping like flies?  I’ve had this happen to me, and I am 90% sure it happens to everyone at some point.  A guild is like an organism.  It needs nourishment, support, shelter.  When the needs of the guild and its members are not met it will die.  But can we really blame the death of the guild on the Guild Master and/or the officers?

Guild Master – This title takes a heavy toll on whoever holds the mantle.  They are probably the ones who created the guild in the first place, although do not assume because this is not often the case with older or merged guilds.  They have to think of everyone in the guild to make sure everyone has what they need to enjoy the game play in a group setting. They organize raids or assign leaders who do this.  They make sure the bank coffers never go dry.  They make sure all the young ones or new members get along and are being taken care of, they read applications (sometimes) and interview people to see if they will fit.  These are the unsung heroes of the guild.

Officers – They do what the GM does but to a lesser extent, parceling out responsibility so that everybody who wants some can get as much or little as they want.  They usually recruit, run lower level players around, are most likely part of the core raid group, and help with professions.  They also do a myriad of activities that I have not mentioned here because every guild is different in the way it is structured.  Every officer has different responsibilities that they ask for and/or accept as being a part of what they do in-game.

Members – You are the lower wolves in the pack.  The GM and the officers want to protect you and make sure that you have an enjoyable experience in the group as well as in game.  I repeatedly get asked (when it is not raid night) what I’m doing, do I need any help, etc.  Who is it that comes to your rescue when another player is griefing you?  What happens when someone has your corpse camped?  Who runs you through dungeons when you can’t find a group?  Who made you large bags, gave you jewelry, made you clothing, and gave you startup gold when you were a little ol’ newbie?  <– This pertains to me.  Without my friends and guildies (whom my friends introduced me to) I wouldn’t have had as near as much fun as I did when I started out playing.

Everyone has a part.   Everyone in a guild has a part to play.  The relationship is symbiotic. Without one there cannot be the other.  Does that mean that when a GM leaves the guild because of an argument that was had with one of the officers that your guild has just died?  Is that when you start to sob to everyone in vent who will listen to you exclaiming, “The guild if falling, the guild is falling!”?  Those people I just wanna smack and say “get a hold of your self.”

Everyone wants to be choosy.  They only want to join a stable guild.  A guild that always has something going on, has a vent channel, all the bank tabs available, and always has  5 members online.  I try to remember, although not always successfully, that your guild is what you make it.  If you get invited into a guild that is still growing don’t scorn the invitation.  You could join that guild and work you way up rather quickly to an officer position.  Then when people shift out and move around you have experience to bring to another group. 

I was at one point thinking of starting a guild.  Obviously not to do end game stuff with, but a group to work toward that goal, a group to start working together to achieve those things, and to help lower levels get going etc.  Then I remember what kind of person is needed for that position, laughed at myself, and thought better of it.  🙂 

Guild Master – You have my respect.

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