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Super Soakers? Anyone?

November 17, 2009

This past weekend I tried to make a mad dash to 70 on my druid.  I got sooooo close.  I’m going to finish up today/tonight/tomorrow morning.  I ground, quested, beat, hit, slugged, flew, ran, and traveled myself all over Outland.  After all the time I spent on this endeavor I realized that I didn’t really know how to play my druid.  WHAT???!!!!  I know right!  I mean I spent all that time leveling to 70 but still don’t have a firm grasp on how to use all the abilities a druid has to offer.  You wanna know how I found this out?  I didn’t even have enough presence of mind to recognize it for myself.  I had to read about PVP and how to play characters and the various ways you can utilize your hybrid druid. <–This is where I learned that I was not playing to the best of my ability, and I’d have to agree. 

I was so caught up in leveling: Kill this many boars, gather xx number of vials, collect xx plant roots, etc.  I was just (using cat form) running up, beating the crap out of whatever was in my way and moving on.  Who plays that way?  I don’t want to be that one person who people stop and look at because I’m a moron and don’t know what I’m doing, because I can’t think imaginatively enough to use my skills wisely, who gets her ass handed to her by a rogue 20 levels below her (this actually happened!!!).  On my pally I must say I’m pretty kick ass in DPS and Holy, but on my druid I’m suck ass on everything (and I’m being modest).

Four Things

I’ve decided I should do four things.  Eat cake, drink lots, drive around in circles, and go clepto carting (don’t know what that is?  Be gratful).  hahaha…just kidding…I’m not really going to eat cake, it’s pumpkin pie blizzard season.  Serioulsy though –>

I’m going to role a character on a PVP server, not because I enjoy PVP overly much (I’m a coward at heart and am afraid of the bullies coming to gank me); I’m going to maybe re-role a druid (just to level 20ish) to re-learn the basics of the class, it takes so long to learn the forms to begin with because it’s a progression; I should see about doing dual spec, I’m not sure if I want to do balance or resto but I’m going think about it; and fourthly I don’t remember but there was something.

PVP – I’ve actually started a character on a PVP realm already but I haven’t played it.  So I think that I’m going take her out for a spin.  I rolled an ally pally.  Lol –what a stupid funny.  Anyway, I love paladins and I just seem to click with them.  I can DPS, heal, or tank with a paladin and on a PVP server I have a better chance of surviving if I role a class that I know.  Also, I forgot how much fun it really was to play a paladin.  When you first start you don’t really have any thing but your hammer/mace/sword/axe, a blessing, and a heal.  But with these tools it is easy to get through your first levels.  On my main pally I was so caught up in leveling to get to some of the higher content I forgot why I Alt at all…to enjoy game play.

Re-Role – Since the druid is a hybrid progression class I think that if I re-role a starter druid then I will be able to understand some of the earlier abilities better.  I may even re-role on a PVP server, who knows.

Dual-Spec – I have dual spec on my paladin.  It was worth every gold I saved up and it was worth giving up mounts on a couple of alts to send money to my main.  What sucks is that I can DPS like crazy, IMHO I’m a good healer, and I know how to tank (whether or not I like it is still up for debate), but I can’t do all three.  I can only do two at a time.  In respect to the druid I’ve decided to keep the feral druid talent spec, but I’ve been thinking about going with an alternate.  I’m debating between, resto and balance, obviously.  I like healing, I like standing at the back giving people life, rezing, etc.  I love doing it.  But I also like being in the back out of the crazy melee shooting my fingers off. 

I suppose I won’t know which one I will really like until I try them out but who’s going take a new resto/balance druid on a run in an instance to see if their good at it…lol.  *Hand Up*  ME ME, I Will!!!  <–I would if I were told about the problem and was asked to join such a run.  I joined the crazy club when I started alting and never looked back.  I guess I could run some low-level instances, but in tree form, really, what am I going to do…let the junk beat on me then heal myself?  Yeah, that’s tons-o-fun.

Fourthly – Really, there was a fourthly…it was floating in my head on a super soaker stream.  Yes, super soaker, because I unlike my dad do not have thoughts that march in neat little rows through my mind like ants…my thoughts run and scatter like little children playing with water toys…which could explain the crazy club now that I think on it.  But fourthly was there somewhere then it went away and now I have the feeling like I just had a great idea but can’t do anything about it.

So to wrap up: I’m crazy; you’re just a little crazy if you’re reading this; who doesn’t like super soakers?

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