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The name of the game: Information

November 25, 2009

This is a shared topic purposed by Windsoar of Jaded Alt on Blog Azeroth.

At first glance, I wasn’t sure I had an opinion worth writing about on this topic.  It was the same feeling I had when glancing over the previous Shared Topic of Best Change to the Game.  I will try to address both items here and if you don’t like what is said then feel free to smear the website with tomatoes.  (I will laugh at any who try such an attempt)

I don’t pay much attention to patch notes, news, or PTR information. *GASP*  I think this is partially what separates me from hard-core gamers.  I consider myself an avid casual player.  I’ve read different uses for the term casual but in this case I mean it to be that I do not play everyday and I don’t raid.  I pick up dungeon runs when I feel like it, and I quest or grind when I feel like it, and sometimes there is something on TV that I can see/hear from my computer that completely draws my attention from WoW.  This does not mean that I’m not a true WoW gamer (whatever that may be) but it means that I don’t spend the majority of my free time reading and researching WoW…so says the WoW blogger.

When change comes I accept and embrace it. When the drastic changes were made to paladins and the times when other classes had to reset their talents points I didn’t let it bother me.  After all, I was thinking, “Hells Yeah!  Free talent tree re-spec that doesn’t cost Xg (amount depending on the number of times you already screwed up your stuff).”  I usually make up my own tree anyway, hence the early knowledge of how much gold it takes to fix said screwed up stuff.  I’ll do the research and check out the suggested tree for specific things but in the end I’m going to choose what’s best for me and the way I play.  If one talent will help maximize DPS and another talent offers up some kind of buff that helps me stay alive, I’m probably going to pick the one that is going to give me the most survivability since I enjoy playing alone and don’t group a lot.  When I decide to raid (if and when I get to 80 and if I get the opportunity) then I will look at suggested rotations, talent specs, and abilities.  Until then I will play with what best suites me.

In regards to PTR’s and News websites all I can say is that I enjoy seeing pictures of cataclysm and what it holds, but I don’t plan on going to the PTR, researching the dungeons, and looking at the minutiae of  the abilities.  When the game comes out that is when the blogs and news sites can have at it in a hands-on type of way.  In my opinion I don’t want to take advice from someone who hasn’t played said class or race in-game anyway.  Especially since the PTR is just that, a Public TEST Realm, meaning they can change every thing that they tested and then laugh at us later (which is what I would do).

I understand why raid leaders and guild masters want you to research the tactics and videos for dungeons, but I think it takes something away from the game.  That said, after the fourth-seventh wipe I’m frustrated enough to start biting heads off of kittens.  Being prepared by knowing what spells and items won’t affect a boss is different from watching a how to video that plans out every move like we are a pack of thieves imitating Ocean’s Eleven.

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