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Et tu, Guild Master? Part 2

November 30, 2009

So you’ve hit that point where all your guild members have abandon ship and that left you, the Guild Master and Officers, shaking your head.  What do you do, What do you do?  Shoot the hostage!  Just kidding, but really, what should your next steps be?  Should you too abandon ship, should you try and get your old members back, should you just use it as you bank alt’s extra bank spaces?


Take some meds. Your guild was probably sick.  If your mates have left you because of friction between other members or because your not moving in the same direction don’t let that get you down.  Take this opportunity to really self-evaluate.  See what in the guild wasn’t working and for what reasons and then fix them.  If you are the GM then you most likely created this guild and don’t want to walk away from it which gives you more incentive to really make the needed changes without giving up on them.


Recruit.  Once your ready start recruiting again.  You can even let some of your other members know about the changes you’ve made and ask them if they’d be interested in coming back.  Advertise for people who might share your core goal or whom you’ve run things with in the past to group and do things with.  You can also PUG and let people know that if they are in a guild they are not happy with that you are trying to put together a group that can do …*Insert goal here*…


Make Sacrifices.  Once you get some people in your guild and things start to happen don’t be one of those ‘My Way or the High Way’ type of people.  That is well and good when it comes to Guild Rules (which should not be broken unless updated upon to improve the rule, not randomly) or Loot Councils, but in the world or planning events if you want to do XX and everyone else wants to do something else, make a bargain.  Say ok, let’s do that other thing, but I’d like it if we could schedule XX for so and so date and time, that way everyone gets what they want.  You get more friends with tickles than punches.


You are KING.  Keep in mind that you too can cut your losses.  If things aren’t going the way you planned or you have found another group to align with go for it.  You can keep your guild as a backup (if no one else is in it) so that you always have it if you want, or you can become a double agent and see what its like in another guild.

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