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Invite Me Not: A Lesson in Grouping

December 4, 2009

Just because my Author Info section says that I don’t consider myself a true veteran does not mean that I don’t have wisdom or enough game play experience to be helpful, but it does mean that I have yet to become similar to those Uber-Awesome Guild Masters, Group Leaders, and Raid Runners (You know who you are) to deal with rude idiocy in-game with patience .

Don’t get me wrong, I love idiocy and absurdities and all the hilarity they come with, but sometimes there are things that push my buttons and so I’ve developed some rules of engagement, if you will, specifically for grouping.  You are forewarned.  Disobey and yee shall walk the plank!  AARGHH!

1)       Inviting without a whisper or chat is rude and kinda weird. And I know this to be true because it says so on everyone’s computer at least once during a load screen.  I get that one a lot and it’s like a pointing finger saying “YOU, yes you there, do not be rude or you shall be cursed and friendless.”  But then again that’s just my conscience talking, being a closet people pleaser and all. But yes it’s also true because you know you feel it too.  I know you have.  You’re reading this now, shaking your head, maybe laughing (at all my idiocy too) but you know I’m right.

2)       If you want my help just so say. I am all for helping classes and races of all kinds.  Be it Noob or Vet, Elf or Orc, Druid or Death Knight.  Yes, I like to solo level and only group for group quests or dungeons and then go my way but this is explained in rule (4).  But just because I like to be solo doesn’t mean that I am not willing to help others out.  You need help with an elite, need to do a group quest, want to try a dungeon, or just wanna group and have some fun doing things together?  All you have to do is ask.  Yes, I or anyone else you ask might say No; we might be in the middle of something, or getting ready to log, or any number of things, but we could just as easily say Yes.

3)       If I decline your invite don’t harass me. No seriously, please don’t gripe and jump all over me and spam me whispers or throw your main chat channel angst my way.  It’s irritating and childish and I will definitely say no again and inform everyone I know of the great laugh I had that day.  If however you send a pst, aka whisper, with an apology or explain the invite I will consider it and if I’m having a good day I’ll say count me in to the fun randomness that is online game play.  But keep in mind the following:

4)       We are working at cross purposes. Chances are that when you randomly invited me to join your group while running by me you were running in the opposite direction.  That right there should point out one flaw in your invite.  Yes, we might have a common quest or dungeon but when I’m ready to do them I will join the LFG chat channel, I mean that is what it’s for and if that doesn’t work I will ask friends or put it off for another day or wait for that wonderful whisper asking me if I wanna do it or put a message in the general or trade chat in the area I’m in, not spamming away with my copy and paste shortcuts.

5)       Don’t expect me to follow mindlessly. If I do join your group, I will do it laughing and saying what the hell.  I’ve done that before, all in good spirits and ignoring the abruptness of your lasso.  But once I’m there don’t run off and expect me to follow.  Again, we were probably working at cross purposes and if you just run off I’m not likely to follow you just so that when we get to wherever you were going I find out I already did that quest or achievement or etc.  Can I help you?  Sure.  Then on the way to where I want to go you veer off again and then this game of tag dwindles away into a purely selfless act on my part.  Check out what 4Haelz has to say on being Selfless and Selfish and you’ll see what I mean.

6)       If you will not lead I will. It is that simple.  If you don’t care for the members of your group don’t get upset when someone, probably me, asks you to pass leadership or at least pretend to care about the current group members.  In all fairness I don’t like being rude either, usually, so this will come as a nicely put pst (most of the time).  If this does not work and the group continues to grumble along like rocks grinding against one another don’t be surprised when group members start to fall off the face of the earth only to magically appear…in the same spot but not in group anymore?  Low and behold, they formed their own group and are now moving along without you.  Cheers.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about Guild Invites.


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