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Shared Topic: Positive Random Dungeon Story

March 4, 2010

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic for 3/1/2010, suggestd by Zan of Altoholic Anonymous

Since the Random Dungeon Finder came out I had actually not tried it once.  I finally broke through my uncertainties and tried it when I saw the Shared Topic.  I can say that all the good and bad things about the Finder were shown to be mostly true.

It was hard as hell to get into a group when I was DPS.  Then when I finally got into the group the healer dropped and they asked me if I could heal.  Lol, so I spent the rest of my night in my healing off spec.  Bonus: Since I was already in my gear and had my weapons and stuff changed out I decided to go the RDF route of healer and wow how fast it was to get a group.  I spent three hours and did 4-1/2 dungeons. 

I say ½ because my very last run of the night was with a bunch of selfish assholes and I left mid-dungeon.  One would pull right after we ended combat.  Here I am trying to regen mana through drinking or whatever and they are already pulling the next mob.  At that point I’m locked out of drinking and…have NO MANA.  Really?!  I swear I played about 3/4 of the time with them under 25% mana and still had no wipes.  I worked my butt off.  After many shouts and requests I finally told them if they keep going the way they were they wouldn’t have a healer to keep them alive.  The last straw was when one such incident occurred and we all wiped.  I have absolutely no sense of in-game direction, and IMO the map is not very helpful to someone like me who has trouble seeing 3-D images represented in 2-D on paper.  So I asked for someone to stay back at the entrance so I could follow.  The answering comment was “follow your map.”  This by itself wouldn’t be bad except that I mentioned the poor direction and asked again for someone to wait.  I mean c’mon…we ALL wiped…you are dead too and also have to enter the instance to enter your body so why would it be so hard to wait for me.  I was again told to look at my map and then someone commented, “Use the map, or are you blind,” followed by lots of LOL’s.  Well, FU and I rezzed back at the graveyard.  I’m really happy none of them were from my realm.  And I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t think of anything witty and scathing to say.  Bummer.

However, My VERY FIRST RDF was awesome.  The group was great, the instance was fast, and loot was fair.  They waited and we moved along quickly and efficiently.  There was not a whole lot of talking, but it really wasn’t needed.  We all pretty much knew our roles and even though I hadn’t done that particular dungeon before I was given a brief overview and some pointers.  There was NO WIPES.  That was very exciting considering I was playing my off-spec healing that I don’t really get the opportunity to work on, by choice not circumstance.  I can say that because of the fast queue times for healer I have been doing at least one RDF sometimes two a night.  And I get to practice healing on my paladin.  All in all, bravo Blizzard.

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