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Armory Linking? No way, Jose!

March 15, 2010

This week’s Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth is about adding blog links to the Armory suggested by Anea.


The question is “If you were given the option, would you post a link to your blog on your main’s armory profile?  Why/why not?”

My answer to this is yes and no, and a little maybe thrown in.  I like the anonymity of the virtual world.  You go online and raid with strangers and guildies alike.  You create mental images of them in your mind using bits of their performance, conversations, etc.  You have an imagining of what and who they are and when you come face to face with that you have your delusion dashed and are left with either a good or bad taste in your mouth.  I like reading other peoples blogs, hearing their frustrations, victories, and general opinions.  But putting my blog link on my armory page would feel similar to creating a toon on the realm of your favorite blogger and then ‘accidentally’ running into them.  That conversation would be full of um’s and oh’s.  I would again feel naked and try to make my hasty retreat without losing a reader because those blog hits are like drug, they are so addicting.

Just thinking about putting my link out there gives me the cold shakes.  I’m having horrormares happening right now.

Also, I don’t have a main toon.  That is because, like Windsoar and Zan and many others, I have many other characters that I play regularly and love/hate to varying degrees that change with the wind.  Also, all my toons are unfinished.  I’m an artist, at least I like to think so, and it would be akin to having a critic come look at the half-finished drawing or sculpture.

Now, if you’ve looked at my alt section on my blog you know that I have no qualms about telling you who they are once you get here, but there is a complete audience difference in having random blog readers come my way via BA or from someone’s blogroll then waving the orange landing flags to direct them my way from the Armory.

I also like to vent on my blog, usually general frustrations, and I don’t normally point out to idiots using their names but I might.  It could happen.  I like to know that even though I’m not talking to anyone in particular, besides myself, that maybe someone saw and commiserated on one post or another.  I don’t want my in-game characters and play time to be judged by my out game venting and opinions.  I don’t let my thoughts and ideas interfere in the joy of playing.  So regardless of how you or I feel about the fairness of this nerf or of that buff I am here to play and have fun and I really don’t want to talk or be judged about it while in-game.

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