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Noblegarden: Bunnylicious

April 7, 2010

If you haven’t been able to notice, I’ve been on a non-combat pet kick lately.  Because of this new obsession I’ve been doing all the World Events that have a non-combat pet associated with it. 

I spent a good two hours clicking away on colored eggs to get the 100 chocolates necessary for the non-combat pet Spring Bunny.  After the said 100 chocolates and my elated purchase of my bunny, who reproduces with any other rabbit that comes along the little slut, I go back to clicking colored eggs.  It was late and I had no real desire to start quests or anything. 

Egg 133 comes around and guess what I get as random loot?  A FRICKEN SPRING BUNNY!$#!%!@!#$&#@$!  Are you kidding me?!  No a radom loot bunny drops about 5 mins after I bought one.  😦   I unhappily discover, although I sort of knew unconsciously, that I could not mail the sucker to another toon on my account. 

Word to the wise….collect enought to finish everything that you want to do, i.e. achievements, and stop once you have enough for the pet.  If you’re anything like me the elation I felt after committing to saving up for it was doused by my chagrin that if I had held out a little longer I could have gotten one as random loot and eaten the chocolates for a different achievement.   🙂

P.S. – I swear everytime I turn around my bunny is making goo goo eyes at some dude and poppin out babies left and right.

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