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I don’t’ consider my self a veteran of the game. I’ve been playing for a year and half but don’t have any experience of running heroic or 25men raids. My brilliant ideas are a combination of research, help from others, and pure trial and error. I’m what you would call an ‘Altoholic’, meaning I have many different characters of all different levels my highest being a 70.

This blog is a place where you can come to enjoy a little sarcasm.  You can also complain, suggest, comment, correct, and add to this blog.  If you have an idea about a post, a correction to one of my posts, or if you’ve written a post that you would like to have posted as a guest author just let me know.

I want this blog to be as much for you as it is for me.  I want it to be funny, entertaining, informative, and interesting.  If it fails in any of these things let me know.  I can’t guarantee that I will use your suggestions but they are always welcome.

Thanks & Enjoy


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